Family Fun Alert: Top New Netflix Movies for the Whole Gang!

Short answer new netflix family movies: Netflix offers a wide selection of new family movies, including titles like Finding ‘Ohana, Yes Day, The Mitchells vs. The Machines and A Week Away. These films provide wholesome entertainment for the whole family to enjoy together.

Answers to Your FAQs About New Netflix Family Movies

As we are all trying to adjust to the new normal of social distancing, Netflix has been a source of entertainment for many families. With an array of family movies that have hit the streaming platform recently, it is hard not to get excited about watching them with your loved ones.

To make it even easier for you and your family members to choose which movie to watch next, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about new Netflix family movies.

1. What are some must-watch new Netflix family movies?

A: There are a variety of great options out there! But here are a few top picks:

– Over The Moon – A beautiful animated film about a young girl who builds a rocket ship in hopes of meeting the legendary moon goddess.
– The Christmas Chronicles 2 – A festive adventure with Kurt Russell reprising his role as Santa Claus!
– Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey – An original musical featuring stars such as Forest Whitaker and Keegan-Michael Key.

2. Is there something new for children beyond animation?

A: Absolutely! Although animated content dominates much of the offerings on Netflix in any category, they still have released live-action family films including “The Sleepover” and “Feel The Beat”.

3. Can parents enjoy these movies too or do I need separate adult only entertainments?

A: One thing is sure enough; both kids and adults will like most things offered on this list above. Nevertheless, if you’re looking specifically for an exclusive watch-a-long parent-only time experience then some dramas or comedies may be more suitable rather than catching up for another round of Frozen or Moana!

4. Are there parental guidelines provided by Netflix when choosing these films suitable?

A: Yes indeed! Before viewing any title explicitly made/marketed towards children under age twelve (12) years old , various groups provide suggestions applicable standards followed by the Streamer’s viewing regulations upon review under State laws decided based on season, history of a particular family-friendly content, and rated/separated groups within the service itself.

5. Can you recommend something perfect for a weekend watch party?

A: If what you’re looking for is some fun during the weekends at home, “Enola Holmes” (a teenage girl named Enola searches for her missing mother by using clues left behind) can be an exciting choice. It stars Millie Bobby Brown/Stranger Things fame and Henry Cavill/Superman (aka Kal-El himself!) as Sherlock Holmes!

We hope this comprehensive guide will help your next Netflix movie night with your loved ones super comfortable and fun-filling! Happy watching!

How To Discover the Best New Netflix Family Movies

If you are looking for an excellent way to spend quality time with your family, then Netflix has become one of the best streaming services in recent years. With loads of movies added on a regular basis, it can often be challenging to find the new releases that will suit everyone’s tastes.

In this guide, we’ll break down some helpful tips and tricks on how to discover the best new Netflix family movies hassle-free.

1. Create A List Of Your Family’s Preferences

Creating a movie list or surveying what each member would want to watch is always an excellent starting point when choosing movies for your family movie night. This method ensures no one gets left out and every member feels like they have contributed.

2. Check Out The Top Picks And Recommendations

Another smart strategy for finding good family films on Netflix is by checking their top picks and recommendations sections where they feature a variety of trending titles that many happy customers are enjoying worldwide. Be sure also to check out any specific “for kids’ section attached or recommended based on past watches.

3. Read Viewer Ratings And Reviews

Ratings play an essential part in determining future viewings should entail since most rating systems help you gauge whether people prefer old hits or more recent blockbusters-like adventures at home with the fam’. Checking reviews from other families who watched a particular movie could also give you ideas about themes or topics that may arise from watching certain flicks so that conversations won’t stop once credits roll.

4.Limit Screen Time By Setting Some Guidelines

Once a choice has been made, setting some simple ground rules beforehand helps make screen-time fun but still controlled – especially if all eyes will be glued t0o streaming services in HD. Perhaps dedicate set times throughout which restriction guidelines guarantee balance between entertainment among workloads (especially during remote working periods), socializing right before bedtimes, reading amongst children’s books occasionally; freeing up mental space day-by-day since colorful imagery affects our dreamscape quality.

5. Make It An Event

Finally, make your Netflix family movie night an experience! Get creative with the setup by decorating your living room or backyard as though a cinema space you can even add popcorn and snacks to indulge one another’s cravings throughout the viewing process; offer various types of seats for maximum comfort (beanbags, blankets, etc.). Also consider dressing up in costumes related to films being watched which no doubt will create long-term memories that cannot be reshuffled amidst life’s busyness.


Netflix has revolutionized home entertainment viewing since it offers so much variety at a very affordable cost that many households are now taking advantage of globally – With these tips we hope you’ll discover excellent new movies to watch by indulging in what feels addictive yet controlled streaming habits; breaking away from monotonous routines around our screens transforms any time together into unforgettable moments spent with loved ones.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About New Netflix Family Movies

Netflix has been releasing a lot of great family movies lately, and for parents looking for something to watch with their kids, it can be tough to know which ones are worth the time. Here are the top 5 facts you need to know about new Netflix family movies:

1. They have something for everyone

Whether your family is into heartfelt dramas or big-budget action-adventures, there’s likely a movie on Netflix that will satisfy your cravings. From Cinderella to The Mitchells vs. The Machines, these films offer plenty of entertainment options that are perfect for families.

2. The animation is innovative

If animated movies aren’t usually your thing because they feel stale and generic, then you’re in luck—Netflix seems committed to pushing animated boundaries and exploring new techniques when it comes to capturing an audience’s attention. Whether it’s using rotoscope-style animation as they did in Last Kids On Earth: Happy Apocalypse To You! or combining classic stop-motion styles with modern technology like in Mitchell’s Vs.The Machines – there is always creative innovation happening!

3 .Themes go beyond typical “family flicks”

While most family films revolve around message relating just purely towards “Family,” Netflix incorporates crucial life lessons through themes making way more meaningful stories than what meets the eye from afar.

Take Finding Ohana — it provides valuable insight into Hawaiian culture while still being lighthearted fun adventure story, along with Over the Moon battling grief through fantasy elements. Also consider The Willoughbys where young independent minds discover true meaning behind bonds and love across different situations.

4.Take them anywhere

Nothing brings peace better than sitting down at home together watching a movie after stressful hectic days however sometimes getting out could prove even more aspects! Most- if not all of these newest releases offer flexibility by means of downloading offline so whether waiting at doctor’s office/airport lounge- complete uninterrupted our fam movie time!

5.Relevant household names behind production

Don’t you love hearing your favorite stars’ voices act and bring characters to life? That’s the experience Netflix wants their audiences to enjoy- they utilise renowned professionals from directors like Sam Mendes Known for work on James Bond (Spectre, Skyfall) American Beauty– to solid writers/producers such as Jennifer Lopez offering Snowflake! Makes these movies even more enticing since so much brilliance goes into preparation phase alone before actually coming together.

In short, whether you’re looking for a heartwarming tale of family or an epic adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat, new Netflix family films offer something for everyone – while also showcasing unique animation styles that are sure to delight both kids and adults alike.