The British Royal Family: A Fascinating Look into the Monarchy’s History and Traditions

Short answer what is the british royal family:

The British Royal Family is a constitutional monarchy consisting of the monarch, King or Queen, and their immediate family. They carry out official duties on behalf of Britain including ceremonial and diplomatic functions, however much of their personal expenses are privately funded.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding the British Royal Family

As a nation, there are few things that Brits love more than their Royal Family. From weddings to jubilees and everything in between, the Windsors capture our imaginations like nothing else.

However, unless you’re a royal watcher or a history buff, it can be challenging to keep up with who’s who and what they do. If this resonates with you, don’t despair – we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to the British Royal Family just for you!

Step 1: Get Your Head Around The Line of Succession

To understand the British Royals’ current state of affairs fully, it’s essential to grasp the line of succession. This lists every person next in line for the throne from oldest son (or daughter) down.

At present, Prince Charles is heir apparent after Queen Elizabeth II passes away; he’ll become King upon her death automatically. After him comes his eldest son William then his young children George and Charlotte.

That said, if you think this order seems simple enough? Think again! There have been notable departures from tradition recently as Meghan Markle handed back HRH status when she left England with Harry following years of media pressure on “Megxit”.

Step 2: Know What They Do

Whilst largely symbolic representatives today – members continue to carry out ceremonial duties both at home & abroad being key exponents of modern day soft diplomacy. Senior royals attend hundreds of representational engagements each year; laying wreaths on behalf of fallen military servicemen/ women not least important plus international trips representing Britain etcetera

Royal patronages’ also stir passions among senior members providing them opportunity focus identities supporting various charitable organisations commemorating these bodies endeavours since inception often dating back centuries by dint time honoured rules trust deeds constitutional documents set-up incorporated legal opinions array other records.

For example – Mayfair’s top casino district institution Les Ambassadeurs funding Project Literacy foundation: as per various media releases, Princess Beatrice being long-time friend to director Hikmat Antwan joined in on several meetings & fundraising activities.

Step 3: Catch up on Royal History

It’s impossible to understand the Royal Family without delving into their rich history – which includes both triumphs and tragedies.

For example – The Windsors’ journey towards constitutionally limited monarchy occurred as significant event over time since inception of United Kingdom parliament back in thirteenth century where power resided with a monarch then transferred gradual shift towards parliamentary democracy incorporating modern representative government amongst other factors hasn’t been plain sailing by any means!

We’d highly recommend going down the royal rabbit hole, exploring everything from their medieval origins to how they’ve evolved through political upheaval such as Cromwellian Commonwealth, Hanoverians who were Germanic immigrants instated after Glorious Revolution so-called “House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha”, turmoil mounting around turbulent twenties & thirties also all that preluded abdication during World War II along restoration post war years thus carrying forward supporting Elizabethan era right now!

Step 4: Get Ready for Events

With events like weddings and jubilees steeped in tradition and pomp circumstance; can be challenging keeping up appearances or knowing what’s expected you when attending these engagements should opportunity present itself?

Indeed! Dress codes are strict at formal events many cases requiring formal attire dress uniforms etcetera although often involving subtle differentiations based hierarchical orders precedence ensuring guests adhere specific traditions sacred each ceremony or engagement.

Don’t worry too much about etiquette breaches though provided make an effort show deference appropriate (and have nominal knowledge British Social Protocols) no need fear ridicule scepticism from others having failed keep straight face whilst among regal company…it comes part parcel getting head round what it means aspire uprightness humility few generations above!!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About the British Royal Family

The British Royal Family is undoubtedly one of the most famous and influential monarchies in the world. With a rich history dating back over a thousand years, there’s plenty to learn about this iconic family.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the British Royal Family:

1. Who is in the current royal family?

The current royal family consists of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip (her husband), Prince Charles (her son), his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William (her grandson) and his wife Kate Middleton, also known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They have three children: George, Charlotte and Louis.

2. What does each member do?

Queen Elizabeth II is currently reigning monarch, while her husband Prince Philip has retired from public duties at 96 years old. He supports various charities and attends events with other members of the royal family.

Prince Charles is next in line for the throne as heir apparent and focuses on philanthropic work through his Charitable Foundation. His wife Camilla supports her own list of causes including literacy programs and animal welfare.

Prince William currently works as an air ambulance pilot but still carries out official engagements for both himself and on behalf of The Queen. Kate helps him when she can but also focuses on projects concerning mental health awareness, early childhood development & supporting families.

3. How are they related to each other?

Queen Elizabeth II is married to Prince Philip who is her distant cousin!

Similarly she shares ancestors with Catherine too.

4. Are they allowed to get jobs outside their roles within the monarchy?

There are no strict rules preventing them from taking up professions apart from any hinting working against constitutional royalty ethos.

5.How much money do they earn or receive?

Mostly Royals don’t disclose what personal wealth or income assets they have but tax payers contribute towards their lifestyle expenses which amounts tot billions.
6.What role should we expect especially during global crises?

They often step forward to help with humanitarian issues, crisis emergencies donations etc.

The British Royal Family is steeped in tradition and history, but they continue to evolve and adapt with the times. Their influence can be seen not just in the United Kingdom, but across the world.

Top 5 Fascinating Facts About the British Royal Family

Let’s face it, we’re all a little bit fascinated by the British Royal Family. With their glamorous lives, fancy titles and gorgeous outfits, it’s easy to be swept away in the fantasy of being a part of such an illustrious clan.

While you may know some basic information regarding Kate Middleton or Prince William’s love story or even who will become king after Queen Elizabeth II reigns supreme; there are plenty of hidden facts about this famous family that you probably haven’t heard before!

Here are five fascinating facts that will leave you wondering:

1. The Royals aren’t allowed to play Monopoly game
Believe it or not – playing Monopoly is strictly off-limits from palace due to its cut-throat nature which might bring out unpleasant emotions amongst them. One can only imagine what would happen if someone landed on Mayfair!

2. The Queen has met with every U.S president since Harry Truman
What other figure on earth could boast that they’ve rubbed shoulders with almost every sitting American President for about 70 years? After meeting Warren G Harding when she was just seven years old during her father George VI state visit in Washington DC ,Queen Elizabeth II has now had meetings with no less than thirteen US Presidents

3. They all have secret social media accounts (well maybe!)
The Royals being one of the world’s most recognised families must find hard finding privacy but rumours suggest they do use social media under pseudonyms names incognito mode so fans might never know if they follow their favourite celebrities secretly.

4. Royal babies always get multiple baptisms
Tradition demands that new royal-borns undergo baptism process at two separate locations predominantly inside Buckingham Palace Privy Chamber where friends and family witness St.George Chapel Windsor latter on.

5. The Queen owns more corgis than any breeders
Adorable Corgis – undoubtedly modest dogs – reports stated she hoarded as many as ‘13’ Corgis on her watch. No wonder we’ve spotted them hopping around social media posts for decades.

While tons of information exist online, these facts are only a drop in the vast ocean of stories that make up the British Royal Family’s history and contemporary lifestyle. As time passes with newer generations joining in – some things will remain constant while others change dramatically as they deal with modern-day needs or matters affecting their society-based roles. It is safe to say without any doubt that this family will always be significant around the globe, worthy of admiration, respect and curiosity alike.