The Crown on Netflix: A Royal Family Saga

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“The Royal Family is a British sitcom available for streaming on Netflix. Created by Eddie Arnolld, it follows the fictional lives of the royals and their staff. The show features an ensemble cast including Tom Hollander, Olivia Colman, and Helena Bonham Carter.”

Frequently Asked Questions About the Royal Family on Netflix

The Royal Family has always been a fascinating subject for people all around the world. It is no surprise that one of the most popular shows on Netflix these days is The Crown, which tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and her family over several decades. While many viewers are enjoying this drama series about Britain’s monarchy, it also raises some questions about how accurate the show really is. With so much interest in the royals, we decided to answer some frequently asked questions about them!

1. How much freedom does Queen Elizabeth II have as Head of State?

Queen Elizabeth II is officially considered to be a constitutional monarch – meaning she holds limited powers that are mostly ceremonial or representative in nature. In fact, she cannot make any major decisions without first consulting with government officials or other important figures within her own country.

2. Is everyone in line to become King or Queen obligated to take on royal duties?

While members of the royal family can choose not to carry out their official duties if they wish (such as Princess Beatrice and Eugenie), those who happen to be closer in succession often bear more responsibility than others – such as Prince Charles.

3. Who makes up “the Firm” referred to in The Crown?

“The Firm” refers specifically at Buckingham Palace staff including personal secretaries aides-de-camp and footmen amongst others supporting Her Majesty both publicly and privately across tasks related concerns whether diplomatic appointments state matters strategy relieving current challenges ..

4. What was Princess Margaret like IRL compared with Vanessa Kirby’s portrayal?

Princess Margaret was known for her rebellious spirit living life by her own rules unlike seen on screen by Kirby although after completing multiple commitments throughout mornings travelling into town stopping off work lunches meetings before returning back just ripe evening-out whilst still being committed remaining dignified duty-regardless-soundly characteristic actually possessed true-blue embodiment truly cherished Britannia’s social forefront .

5. Is Philip really racist towards guests joining dinners at Buckingham Palace?

During an official state dinner at Buckingham Palace, Prince Philip was recorded making a controversial comment to Nigerian President Obasanjo. The Crown dramatized this moment in season two but has never confirmed the truth behind it.

6. What’s up with Princess Anne’s complicated friendship Anabel Heseltine ?

Princess Anne and her former friend journalist Annabel Heseltine reportedly fell out back in 1989 when Anne discovered that she had been sleeping with her then-husband Captain Mark Phillips.

7. Did all four of Prince Charles’ grandparents really die young?

Yes – both King George VI and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (the Queen Mother) lost their parents while they were still young as well.

These are just some of the many questions people have about Britain’s royal family – if there’s something else you’d like to know, feel free to ask! While shows like The Crown can be helpful for giving us insight into these complex personalities and fascinating stories, it is important not to take everything we see on screen as pure fact; imagination does play a part too its portrayal depending on which particular grace stage set piece ranging from subtle gesture dress sense faithfully rendered cannot depict every single aspect which history suggests lay dormant behind mists past plagued by mystery yet regal nonetheless..

5 Fascinating Facts About the Royal Family’s Presence on Netflix

Since its inception, Netflix has been a revolutionary platform for entertainment that constantly churns out new and intriguing content. One of the most fascinating trends on the streaming platform is the presence of British royalty-related shows. Whether it’s about historical events or modern-day scandals and drama, these series have managed to captivate audiences around the globe.

So without further ado, let’s dive into five eye-opening facts about The Royal Family’s representation on Netflix!

1. ‘The Crown’ Is A Crowning Glory

Playing witness to Queen Elizabeth II’s life from her early years as princess until today, “The Crown” is one of Netflix’s flagship royal dramas which has garnered an immense fan following. With stunning cinematography and impeccable attention to detail, it manages to transport viewers behind palace walls like never before.

What makes this show additionally special? Reportedly costing an enormous $130 million (USD) per season — making it one of the costliest television projects ever undertaken- not only was “The Crown” praised by critics but also adorned with numerous awards including Golden Globes winning Best Drama Series in 2017 and admiral performances being recognized at higher levels at major ceremonies; such as Oscars and BAFTA.

2. Princess Diana Takes Center Stage

One member who stands out in particular from amongst all previous screen-time knights/queens are none other than Lady Diana Spencer – despite having appeared briefly in Season Four though -, whose tragic story stunned millions when she passed away in 1997 while film production had just started venturing into her storyline till its climax ended up falling upon external controversy which was admired by few though what made people criticise even more was owing to them drawing curtains off sensitive topics that should be shown intact nothing concealed because programmes impact audience thoughts extensively especially considering those subject matters revolving around prominent people such as Princess Di herself serving largely exemplary figurehead role within global community.

3. Reality TV With A Royal Spin: ‘The Royals’

While other shows in the genre of royal television and films tend to stick to a historically accurate retelling, “The Royals” stands out as it portrays fictional British monarchy world of contemporary times. With engaging twists and turns and eccentric characters played by Elizabeth Hurley portraying fictitious Queen Helena turned queen dowager character not just getting immersed into series for solely its attractive cast, but also because a blend of satire meets reality makes this show well worth indulging.

4. The Royal Family In Documentaries

From acclaimed BBC documentaries like “Diana: In Her Own Words” – even though criticised for heavily edited footages changing conversation meanings that had controversial outcomes- to “A Very Royal Baby”, Netflix offers several brilliant productions dedicated entirely to showcasing different facets of life within Royal circles which were previously little known or largely misunderstood proving beneficial for people hungry with unquenchable thirsts on gaining more insights about popular personalities/leaders globally beyond formalities recognised worldwide especially considering how influential they have impacted global events drastically over previous eras.

5. Keeping Up With The Windsors?

“The Windsors” is perhaps one of the most interesting takes on modern-day internet memes-type twist entertainment combined with British politics; playing upon sarcasm effectively highlighting both absurdity around going’s ons behind palace walls while adding funny elements through web-based references pop culture making once again audience waiting eagerly for next episodes impatiently clicking their remotes!

Exploring the World of Royalty: The Best Shows and Films Featuring the Monarchy on Netflix

In recent years, there has been an abundance of television shows and films that delve into the world of royalty. The drama, intrigue, glamour, and political power that come with being part of a monarchy are endlessly fascinating to audiences around the world. Luckily for those who can’t get enough of this fascinating topic, Netflix has a wide variety of shows and films available for streaming.

The Crown

Without question, the most famous royal-related show on Netflix is The Crown. This gripping series follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II from her marriage in 1947 up until modern times. Each season covers a specific period in time and features new actors taking on iconic roles such as Prince Philip (Tobias Menzies) or Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter). With stunning costumes and sets designed to replicate real-life events as closely as possible while also adding some fictional elements here and there – it’s no wonder why this show continues to be so popular amongst royal enthusiasts everywhere.


Bridgerton may not specifically focus on royals like some other shows do, but it certainly captures all the glamour associated with high society life during Regency-era England under King George III’s reign . Bridgerton offers its viewers magnificent ballroom dances complete with bridal gowns , sparkling jewels , dashing suitors , white-haired dowagers clad in frou-frou robes- what more could one wish for?!


Following young Victoria through her ascension to throne– shattering every notion about quaint English countryside living — instead showcasing harsh politics fueling battles between emerging industrial powers: Prussia & Austria.With solid performances by Jenna Coleman & Tom Hughes whose chemistry embodies how these two strong willed personalities complemented each other bringing stability ! Fans admire Victoria because she gets them hooked with historical accuracy without compromising related controversy along way.


While Reign deviates arguably far from what took place historically; giving us much more dramatics and romance than actual royal happenings- the story unfolds as though Mary Queen of Scots lived a life straight out of Gossip Girl. Introducing historical characters that we read about in our books – from Catherine de Medici to King Henry II , this show exudes mystique, lust and sibling rivalries layered through enviable wardrobe choices.

Charles III: The New King

This BBC production is one for political enthusiasts amongst us; its premise being “When Prince Charles becomes king he has to choose between his own ethics or start following a different path”. Set in near future with an aged Royal family still running monarchy all while facing opposition from right wing politicians vying for control -this play turned movie presents intriguing scenarios . Incredibly acted by Tim Pigott-Smith & Charlotte Riley, audience get rare insight into what Royal Family goes thorugh behind closed doors!

In conclusion, whether you’re interested in the politics surrounding monarchies past and present, or looking for sweeping romances set amid high society drama–Netflix offers something everyone can enjoy! With so many options available at any given time it’s always worth indulging yourself with another title on list.