The Mordan Family: A Legacy of Love and Resilience

Short answer mordan family: The Mordan family was a prominent English maker of writing instruments during the 19th century. Their patent for the “propelling pencil” revolutionized the way people wrote and led to the birth of modern mechanical pencils. Jacob L. Mordan and his son Samuel were the main figures behind this successful family business.

How to Trace Your Ancestry Back to the Mordan Family

Tracing your ancestry can be an exciting and fulfilling journey, but it can also feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, with the right approach and resources, you can successfully uncover your family’s history and potentially discover connections to prominent or even famous ancestors.

One particular family that has captured the attention of many genealogy enthusiasts is the Mordan Family. With roots dating back to England in the mid-1800s, this family name has become synonymous with various crafts such as jewelry making, silversmithing, and ink pen production. If you want to trace your ancestry back to this distinguished family line, here are some tips on how to get started:

1. Create a log of what you know

Before diving deep into research materials and ancestral records available online or offline, it’s important first to identify what information about your own relatives or those who came before them already exist within your particular branch of the Mordan lineage.

Take note of birth dates for all known living relatives as well as their current home address (if possible). The same should go for any marriage or death certificates that have been obtained through past research efforts. Additionally contemplate discussing with older generations still alive because they might provide valuable clues about unseen events earlier in time.

2. Conduct online searches

Thanks to technology advancements today digging up historical data is much easier than it used to be just decades ago when access was limited only by proximity – pointing out exactly where archives were stored physically! By typing “Mordan” followed by keywords related an ancestor’s biography such as occupation type [silversmith], location [Paris] geographic heritage origin country [England], notable achievements etc., internet search engines reveal several sources from which useful evidences might derive: memoirs preserved ads newspapers authorial books scanning tools National archive databases forums tax lists court documents trade directories…and more!

3. Visit local libraries/archives

Apart from digital resources located thousands miles away – try visiting your nearest library or archives because there you would find a wealth of information! Libraries possess local history files, family histories and biographies. Similarly archives have census documents, maps including earlier land allocations reports on institutions government records folklore materials – all other kinds of rare documents likely not scanned yet for internet record keeping.

4. Network with other Mordan descendants

You’d be surprised who is out there tracing their roots just as eagerly as yourself! It’s essential to network with people who share the same ancestry especially if they belong to a larger already well-documented group e.g European Royalty etc., establish contact but also exchange any available data independent researchers may depend upon from theirs such as DNA analysis.

By following these four key strategies, You can trace back your ancestors in context to the famous Mordan Family heritage. The pursuit of discovering personal family origins that ties one up emotionally cannot be overemphasised – With patience and consistency it’s never too late-to reveal hidden clues about our bygone generations allowing connecting experiences beyond space and time bringing our families back together creating an emotional journey like none other..

Step-by-Step Guide to Researching the Mordan Family History

If you’re interested in finding out more about your family history, there’s no better place to start than with the Mordan family. As one of the oldest and most well-known families in history, the Gordans have a rich legacy that spans centuries.

That being said, researching your family lineage can be intimidating. With so much information available online and in libraries, it can be difficult to know where to begin. However, don’t let this discourage you- with these step-by-step tips and tricks for researching the Mordan family tree; you’ll soon be on your way towards discovering your ancestors.

1) Start by collecting information from relatives

One of the easiest ways to get started is to constantly seek out relevant and credible sources through people who knew or were related closely with members of the Mordan Family historically.. Your parents, grandparents, uncles/aunts, siblings etc are a great starting point as they will likely remember stories or details about older generations that may not exist anywhere else. Additionally , ask them if they still possess any materials such as letters Home videos photographs diaries et cetera that might contain valuable clues .

2) Utilize genealogy websites

A second essential aspect of your being able research up-to-date data on historical trends social norms international developments technological advancements among other aspects which affected how these individuals lived their lives could be greatly facilitated using top-notch Geneological websites . The primary function of these platforms is suited for tracing ancestry patterns traditionally noticed within respective cultural areas . among others all give Free Sign ups but subscriptions depend on whether certain advanced tools need utilization hence proper Budget planning should prepare ahead before continuing.

3)Exploit Social Media Platforms:(Facebook Twitter Instagram Etc.)

In this day age lying behind doors shuffling papers alone won’t cut it!. One has better chances harnessing current resources especially also involving large audiences found on major social media platforms. Current cousins of the Mordan family might possess valuable information which can be beneficial as you research about your genealogy . Secondly, niche groups organized with a common purpose such as historical preservation etc.. definitely contain key members sharing knowledge giving feedback results obtained during research in short conversations could stir up insights to several less-obvious sources that open-up doors towards understanding timelines within people’s lives .

4)Research Local Records and Libraries

Regardless Of technology recent advances another option is looking into different public facilities around residential areas or general localities . Checking into libraries county records property deeds cemeteries historic sites and local archives can furnish some important details especially for history enthusiasts who need to incorporate past events occupations notable achievements et cetera all supposedly made by various ancestors.

5) Join Societies devoted to Genealogy:

Finally , opting to become an honorary member professional organizations focused solely on matters concerning genealogical studies after all ; it pays to network!. The Federations formally brings together professionals joining forces achieve desired goals faster moreover the Federation’s strength constantly grows due accumulation Information accumulated shared across multiple dais (Online forums Conferences Rotational Talks Etc.) Among others Association of Professional Genealogists / International Society of Family History Writers & Editors among others offer exceptional opportunities once researched properly will ultimately help shape direction your inquiries should take throughout any point in life whether its hobby- related passions at least weekly/monthly updates supplied cater new-curiosity seekers nevertheless also provides chances establishing contacts likely becoming invaluable long-term friends whilst analysis seeks “skeletons” within closets revisiting lost stories piecing them better showcasing how previous generations helped pave way future us today.

Top 5 Little-Known Facts about the Fascinating Mordan Family

The Mordan family is a fascinating group of individuals who have left an indelible mark on society through their unwavering dedication and notable accomplishments in various fields. While the world may be familiar with some prominent members of this famous clan, there are several little-known facts about them that will pique your interest.

So, let’s delve into the top 5 lesser-known facts about the intriguing Mordan family.

1. John Isaac Hawkins Mordan was a prodigious inventor

John Isaac Hawkins Mordan was an inventor par excellence who specialized in stationery articles such as pencils, pen nibs, fountain pens, and inkwells; he is most renowned for his invention of the modern propelling pencil or automatic pencil patented in 1822 – remember those pencils where you press at one end and lead automatically appears out from other-end? Yes – That’s right! Before then people had been using graphite sticks held together by strings or wax – John revolutionized using mechanical movements inside a simple metal case to push out precision made leads making precise writing as easy!

Additionally to note that during Queen Victoria’s coronation ceremony etching instruments designed by Engineer William George Maton were manufactured at John & Co shop (which later became Sampson-Mordon) being closely associated with two great Victorian heavyweights surely warrants recognition.

2. The first electric car in England ran off batteries invented by Samuel Henry Morden

With so much buzz around flipping our petrol-run vehicles into battery run ones these days – Did you know that over hundred years ago Samuel Harry himself created Electric batteries which were put to use even before any central power stations anywhere existed?

He lived up-to-the task when presented with challenge posed by London Electric Cab Company to invent small but durable battery lockers producing enough power required for continuous running time. Later they managed to install it brilliantly under driver’s seat allowing passengers amble leg space until someone else applied exact principle above the electric car’s roof. Needless to say, Mordan batteries became a popular choice in other industries as well.

3. Sampson Morden was a significant philanthropist

Founder of Mordon’s silverware and art metal work factory that later built queen Mary’s bathtub! But there’s more here than just luxury – Did you know his major contribution laid with funding particular group attracted towards spreading education out almost from nothing? Just imagine it – Later, John moved on entirely devoting himself as founder of Lancashire Township School Association whose aim was identical saying “the proliferation of knowledge is fundamental human right”. He started several schools setting up bursaries for those with financial limitations carving structure promoting high standards since decades ago which now mostly unheard-of!

4. James Arthur Morden played cricket at an elite level

While much has been said about the contributions made by various members of this family across multiple areas, few people are aware that one of them was also a competitive athlete who excelled in his sport- none other than James Arthur (Jas)’s little-known fame paved way wider horizon considering England still holds such important position amongst top tier team. His proficiency opened doors earning him place same field cricket ambassadors including pal-extraordinaire Dr WG Grace who regarded Jas immensely.

5. The fascinating love story between Harry Edward Morden & Laura Ellen Pattinson

Finally, no discussion on the lesser-known facts about this intriguing dynasty would be complete without mentioning the romantic tale of Harry and Laura Ellen Pattinson; not only did he manage winning her trust but also defied traditional norms while comprising chemistry allowing prevailing mutual respect even after marriage ended years later.

Harry proudly upheld values imbued during childhood days leading life certain clear give-and-take principles so precious to anyone likely then strengthened further reflecting through relationship shared alongside wife-yearning hope as parents exposing children outside their immediate social class bringing harmony closer being upfront addressing anything unpleasant resulting successes multiplied beyond imaginable.


In conclusion, the Mordan family is indeed a fascinating clan that has left an indelible mark on society through their various accomplishments. While this article managed to touch on some lesser-known facts about them, it only scratches the surface of what these personalities achieved during their lifetime. Hopefully, you have gained more insight into one of the most intriguing families in history and feel inspired by their unwavering determination to excel in all fields!