The Royal Family of England: A Closer Look at Their Duties and Responsibilities

Short answer: What does the royal family of England do?

The Royal Family of England serves as a symbol of national unity and continuity, representing the history and traditions of Great Britain. They also perform many public duties, such as attending state events, visiting charities, and supporting various organizations. Additionally, members may serve in the military or hold diplomatic positions on behalf of the UK.

Behind the Scenes: A Step-by-Step Breakdown of What the Royal Family of England Does

The Royal Family of England has been a symbol of tradition, elegance and grace for centuries. From Queen Elizabeth II to the newest addition HRH Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, members have captivated our hearts with their charm, philanthropic efforts and fascinating lifestyles. But what goes on behind the scenes? How do they balance official duties with personal lives? In this blog post, we will take you through a step-by-step breakdown of what the British Royalty does on a daily basis.

7:30 AM – Rise and Shine!

You might think that being part of one of the most famous families in history comes with lavish sleep-ins, but not for The Royals! They begin their day early as required by protocol. Fresh out of bed and ready to tackle whatever challenges come their way.

8:00 AM – Breakfast

Eating breakfast is mandatory for all members regardless if an early morning engagement awaits them or not! Breakfasts are usually light meals such as cereal or toast alongside tea or coffee which adequately prepares them for the day ahead; after all, one cannot represent Her Majesty looking famished!

9:00 to 12:00 PM – Official Duties

As representatives of Great Britain’s goodwill ambassadors both foreign and domestic engagements need be met ranging from ribbon-cutting ceremonies at new hospital wings or launching national charities initiatives like Endangered Species Awareness Month . Of course while following protocols.

Royal family vacations abroad sometimes serve double duty whether it involves meeting international dignitaries or closing major business transactions locally.

1:00 PM- Lunchtime!

They say afternoon siestas procure productivity,naps certainly work their magic in some circles…but alas no napping allowed here during work hours!. This lunch break provides Royals ample time to recharge personally before continuing royal duties adorne in beautiful outfits accompanied by security details fit for royalty just short enough yet relaxing enough surprisingly revitalizing anticipating guests without risking indigestion later .

2:00-5:00 PM – Handwritten Correspondence and Paperwork

While many may think that a secretary or personal assistant undertakes the task of corresponding on behalf of the royal family, well your guess is as good as anyone’s! But for tradition sake, they still do correspondence themselves. They reflect with pen in hand mandatory to official documents ,handwritten letters to well-wishers, condolences sympathy notes personally signed then dispatched expressing their simple yet elegant touch attesting goodwill .

6:30 PM– Dinner Time!

A break from protocol..Ahem! You’d expect exclusive 5-star meals all over town but no this time around it’s indeed more relaxed than expected some members gather at each other’s homes kitchens cooking up tantalizing local cuisine sharing tidbits of stories between courses sometimes guests not even aware ‘From Peking Duck Rolls‘ was prepared by Prince William himself.

9 PM – Leisure Time!

Movie night? Good-ass TV Shows?. Maybe thrills induced mobile games?? No. When dinner wraps itself things tend to settle down seemingly relaxing for some perhaps glass of chardonnay while chatting the afternoon away others take off hunting weekends getaways provided nothing conflicts with official meetings . Life can be hectic always on zero rest mode but minutes taken show human side Royals after all.

In conclusion:

Behind every royalty member we see open fields essentially three parts working together in perfect harmony upkeep protocol maintaining appearance conducting comprehensive duties ethically efficiently somewhat iron-fistedly adhering traditions yet preserving individual personalities providing optimum outcomes for everyone involved sans scandals both international domestic seemingly effortlessly laidback sophistry sophistication remains constant reminder amongst empowering tales making followers feel like integral pieces heritage fabricated through centuries defying logic capturing hearts worldwide.

Your Top FAQs Answered: What Does The Royal Family of England Really Do?

As one of the most iconic institutions in the world, the Royal Family of England holds a special place in our hearts. With their extravagant weddings, majestic palaces and luxurious lifestyles, it’s no surprise that we are fascinated with every aspect of their daily lives.

However, while many may think that all they do is attend fancy events or wave from balcony windows at Buckingham Palace, there’s actually much more to this family than meets the eye. So if you’ve ever found yourself asking “What does The Royal Family really do?”, then have no fear! We’re here to answer your top FAQs on everything you need to know about Britain’s most regal residents.

1. What Does The Queen Actually Do?

The head of the British monarchy since 1952, Queen Elizabeth II has been a symbol of stability and continuity for over six decades. But besides wearing dazzling jewelry pieces and cutting ribbons at public engagements – what exactly does she do? Well, contrary to popular belief – quite a lot!

From meeting foreign dignitaries and attending official state ceremonies, to overseeing government documents and granting honors and awards; Her Majesty’s schedule is packed full-to-the-brim even into her nineties! On average, she conducts over 200 royal engagements each year both in person AND through video technology – so don’t be surprised if she makes an appearance as an uninvited Zoom guest!

It doesn’t stop there either – behind closed doors ‘Lillibet’ still manages a portfolio worth billions; owning some of London’s most prestigious property assets (including Buckingham Palace) under Crown Property Estate ownership.

2. What Are Their Charitable Causes?

A prominent feature within modern day Monarchy has always been its active role within society’s charitable causes worldwide.. From childhood disease research charities like The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge’s Time To Change initiative- which seeks stronger mental health awareness globally- or Prince Harry Being open about dealing with his own mental health whilst serving in the Armed Forces.

Prince Andrew shines a light on education and global trade through his charities, The Print Charity supporting young people enter careers within print industries or Pitch@Palace which supports vulnerable startup businesses having access to valuable resources for growth.

3. Are They Just Figureheads?

With limited democracy entrusted upon them (although that is all changing as times move forward with constitutional reform) It cannot be denied that ‘the royals’ hold significant power behind closed doors regarding United Kingdom politics- despite their public image remaining non-partisan People around the world look at members of the British royal family & often wonder – does it matter what they do? Aren’t most decisions already made by elected officials?

Well, while they may not have direct political influence – due to long-standing traditions rooted in statute law – Her Majesty has regular meetings with every new Prime Minister after an election win; where Churchill’s famous line “The audience went on like clockwork” referring to Queen Elizabeth during wartime emphasises this age-old relationship.
This meeting used to provide an opportunity for realpolitik discussion between Monarch and Government Leader. Current Prime Minister Mr Johnson requested a delay when meeting her post-election citing scheduling issues but more commonly fears over leaked information-it remains seen how fluid this relationship will become-

4. How Much Do They Make A Year?

One aspect we’re mostly quite curious about revolves around Royal wealth… Who hasn’t questioned “What’s In Their Pockets?”

Although many believe that members of the Royal Family receive substantial amounts from government funds -this isn’t necessarily true as senior working Royals are expected to cover their budgets independently through earnings derived from personal endowments or through private enterprises/councils they chair..

As previously mentioned– Crown Estates came under governmental control following King George III deal allowing reigning monarchs income solely based close properties.Estate holdings became wholly foreign asset portfolio worth £14.98bn generating gross profit of £345m in 2020.

From commercial investments (currently being made by Duke Of Sussex Harry & Wife Meghan) to the yearly income generated from Prince Charles’ Duchy Of Cornwall estate, worth around $1.3 billion dollars itself he pays his adult sons for their work as working Royals; it’s safe to say that this business savvy family knows how to maintain its fortune!

5. What Does The Future Hold?

As with any other institution or organisation set within centuries-old traditions and practices- change isn’t happening overnight-but recent years have seen a hint in traditional status quos shifting.
Prince Andrew’s withdrawal from royal duties due to negative press coverage after BBC Newsnight Interview alleged involvement on then convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein enterprise dealing female interactions put pressure onto future generations actions.

Newer offspring like Prince William And Kate Middleton alongside Prince Harry And Meghan Markle are increasingly moving towards amplifying more polarising topics and display sensitivity about modern society issues.The Windsors do seem ready and willing though – joining public life discussion centred around environmentally sustainable initiatives whilst continuing engagements worldwide which build stronger socio-economic connection through charity works.(Providing youthful based contribution making good use

Unveiling Interesting Facts About What The Royal Family of England Does on Daily Basis

The Royal Family of England is known for its prestige, elegance and opulence. They are considered as one of the most influential people in the world; therefore, it is quite fascinating to discover what they do on a daily basis.

From personal opinions given by various sources close to The Royals, these are some interesting facts about what members of this family get up to:

Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II wakes up early every morning around 5 am or 6 am. She spends her mornings reading correspondence from various parts of the Commonwealth while enjoying breakfast with her husband Prince Philip at Windsor Castle. Later on during the day, she meets with various officials who update her on state affairs before attending any political event.

Prince Charles

Unlike his mother who prefers waking up early, Prince Charles loves getting enough rest. He may not wake up until late morning sometimes but he first starts by having an hour-long ki-aikido workout session followed by indulging in fresh fruit salad from organic produce grown at Highgrove House (his private estate). With his schedule being more flexible than that of The Queen’s , His Royal Highness usually occupies himself attending his charity events and supervising environmental development projects in line with the royal duties assigned to him.

Prince William & Kate Middleton

As you would expect, life for Prince William and Kate Middleton is jam-packed as the couple balances taking care of their three children alongside carrying out official commitments such as charitable activities which they hold dear. A typical weekday begins with sending their eldest son George off to school, whilst taking care of young Charlotte and Louis through whom Catherine devotes much time interacting creatively within home schooling learning sessions; there’s also other formal engagements booked when it comes down to running fulfilling philanthropic activities ranging between leading two different charities (“Heads Together” and “United For Wildlife”) created primarily aiming towards campaigning mental health awareness programs alongside conserving nature respectively.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are more laid-back than Prince William and Kate Middleton, leading an entirely different life altogether following their shocking exit from royal duties to pursue a more private lifestyle in America. It has also been revealed that the couple may be starting off new communication deals with Netflix which is hoped will earn them sizable revenues as they continue pursuing humanitarian causes close to their hearts.

The Royal Family of England’s daily routine proves just how much work and dedication goes into fulfilling both public & personal agendas, by partaking across numerous noble courses—as tradition-bound multi-taskers who are responsible for upholding centuries-long cultural affairs whilst keeping touch with modern-day social contexts concurrently.