The Royal Family’s Latest Drama: Harry and Meghan’s Departure

Short answer: The Royal Family Harry and Meghan refers to Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle, a former American actress. They married in May 2018 but stepped down from official royal duties in March 2020 and relocated to California.

How to Follow the Royal Family: Harry and Meghan’s Journey From Engagement to Step Back

The world was abuzz with excitement when news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement made headlines. Almost overnight, the all-American actress became a household name, capturing hearts not just in her home country of America but across the globe. Since then, following their journey as they navigate through some uncharted waters has been an ongoing fascination for millions of people worldwide.

In November 2017, Harry and Meghan announced their engagement after months-long speculation about a possible royal wedding on the horizon. The couple had previously hinted at their relationship but did not confirm it publicly until September 2017. Their joyous announcement brought forth many questions such as who will design her dress? Where would they get married? Who is invited to the wedding?

Their highly anticipated wedding took place on May 19th, 2018 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle UK which saw a plethora of guests including numerous royals from around Europe along with A-list celebrities like George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey. Meghan walked down the aisle alone to meet her prince who later fumbled when placing his bride’s ring during their vows – resulting in whispers and natter amongst viewers worldwide!

Following the elaborate ceremony, it seemed that “Megxit” (the term coined by tabloids) would be far off our minds—not certain given rumours especially surrounding relationships between Kate Middleton and Meghan behind closed doors. However, this came full circle when Harry & Meghan appeared to step back from Royal duties earlier this year citing media intrusion in to every aspect of life which led them feeling unsupported enjoying solely public lives – dramatic moments followed!

To follow these more recent events requires scrutiny into changes within historical policy provoking many voices taking sides over what could have worked differently if anything changed: probably including those held privileged positions given recent news transparency requirements.

Overall- one thing cannot be denied; Prince Harry & Megan remain quite fascinating whether you look away or choose instead to nose right in!

The Ultimate Royal Family Wedding: Step by Step Guide to Harry and Meghan’s Big Day

As the excitement builds for the ultimate royal family wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to tie the knot on May 19th at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. It is undoubtedly going to be a grand affair marked by tradition and regalia than we have ever seen before!

The date, place, venue- everything has already been decided, but how does one go about preparing for such an extraordinary event? In this step-by-step guide, you will get a clear picture of what to expect and how to prepare yourself for Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

Venue: The Royal Wedding Ceremony

To start with – let’s talk about THE VENUE! Arguably one of England’s most stunning chapels as it rests within the ancient walls of Windsor Castle; in fact there has been eight royal weddings there so far! This intricate chapel showcases some remarkable stone work done by hand many centuries ago along with naturally lit stained glass windows that reflects majestically throughout creating an ambience fit only for royalty.

Before jumping onto protocol guidelines or dress code interpretations lets discuss your way around London city during the celebrations taking place across various locations starting from Buckingham Palace through Trafalgar Square with all its people under Red-Bus perspectives shouting out “Congratulations!” coz really who wouldn’t want to congratulate their British heroes?


While anyone may offer congratulatory messages online these days –It’s only limited senior members receiving invites this time unlike William & Kate got where celebrities like Elton John were allowed– Since Britons value traditional sense into fashion etiquette there remains certain standards both ladies/gentlemen must follow unless they’re given permission otherwise.

A proof-of-the-pudding according U.K based formal wear rental site Moss Bros group which experienced a sales uptick due promising upcoming events providing clear indication stating “We’ve definitely seen an uplift related.” when interviewed.

Outcome: With Obvious Standards Expected!!!

Although you may want to add a sparkly fascinator or hat, rules for headwear remain strict! A woman should have her shoulders covered at Westminster Abbey nor any form of dress above the knee-line. Men are expected in traditional black morning coats paired with waistcoats and grey trousers.

Often times guests only see snippets of their favorite royals on television during these types of events; however we’d like to remind ticket holders never be late because you simply cannot miss The Queen’s grand entrance following all senior members close behind!

Invitation & Reception

Seems every connection has been more than formally cordial hence it is not surprising there’s fuzz around celebrities who received an invitation to this gala event although no names were revealed- according Hello Magazine reports as they wait excitedly by letterbox anticipating its arrival.

When evening turns into night celebration gets into full swing come rain or shine, well British weather being unpredictable makes things ever-more interesting! Sounds tempting – because even while watching inside your comfort zone sofa you can certainly participate through sips & nibbles:- By hosting your tea party – Afternoon Tea Royal Style?

Food upon food until stomachs burst– that’s what true English style looks like. You could have sandwiches either cucumber bits smothered in cream cheese topped with salmon alongside freshly prepared scones hot from oven served up along with buttery clotted cream swirled over strawberries which tastes just divine!!!

In Conclusion:

The world eagerly awaits Harry and Meghan’s big day as yes they will soon become husband and wife — marking a historic moment down in history!
Whether you’ll be attending the royal wedding itself or choosing from alternative ways to join celebrations feel free dressing-up (unless wherever way described)! Furthermore just ensure taking care etiquette followed always especially since too many eyes shall be active within Britain/Worldwide phew!!

Top 5 Fascinating Facts About The Royal Family: Harry and Meghan Edition

The British Royal Family is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating things to exist in modern times. With their rich history, traditions, and controversies, it’s hard not to be captivated by their every move. And with the recent news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepping down as senior members of the family, it only adds fuel to the already burning fire.

So without further ado, here are our top 5 fascinating facts about the royal duo:

1) Meghan Markle Is The First American To Marry Into The Royal Family In Over 80 Years

Meghan made headlines when she tied the knot with Prince Harry back in May 2018. But what made it more interesting was that she became the first American since Wallis Simpson (who married King Edward VIII) in 1937 to marry into a British monarch’s immediate family. This historical event represents just how inclusive and diverse society has become over time.

2) They Have Given Up Their Senior Royal Titles

In January this year came another bombshell announcement: Harry and Meghan would give up many of their royal duties as senior members of the family – leading some people to question if they were leaving entirely or merely taking on an alternative role within ‘the firm’. This decision could mean potentially breaking away from a long-established paradigm for royals; but it allows them greater freedom from scrutiny while still letting them continue community involvement activities.

3) Archie Is The First Modern-Day Biracial Heir To The Throne

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, born on May 6th, 2019 is unique being amongst Royals due his heritage—Prince Charles’ great-grandchild who could conceivably have a place among Britain’s future kings despite being biracial ethnicity until now was largely absent from mainstream representations depicted by royals.

4) They Are Big Advocates For Mental Health Awareness

Mental health issues continue to grow globally yet stigma around discussing it is still prevalent in many communities. That’s why Prince Harry and Meghan started a campaign called “Heads Together” together with the Duke of Cambridge for greater awareness of mental health issues, as noted by Newsweek on Jan 19th,2021 . They want to remove the stigma associated with these issues so that people can feel more comfortable talking openly about their struggles.

5) Their Love Of Travel Is Unmatched

Prince Harry and Meghan love exploring new countries around the world; thus far they have visited numerous different regions such as Botswana , Australia,South Africa etc. As reported by Dec28th, 2020 they spent much of their first year of marriage travelling around continents like Africa where Markle volunteered at soup kitchens whilst Prince Harry supported conservation work in wildlife-filled environments.

In conclusion, regardless if you are a staunch monarchist or republican there’s no denying that Harry and Meghan continue to fascinate us all with their actions both big and small. From breaking traditions to advocating for mental health awareness – this royal duo never fails to pique our collective interest time after time which ensures we’ll follow (and write about!) them closely even from far away.